AAMC Self Assessment package

Has anyone had experience on these Physical sciences, biological sciences and verbal Official MCAT® Self Assessment Packages???

I wanted to get some input before I shell out oodles of money for these packets. I see that they have a boatload of questions in addition to some self-evaluation stuff that will help one narrow down their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

If anyone has an opinion on the above mentioned stuff I’d be happy to hear if it helped or hurt you in anyway.


Did all except VR.

Very worth it.

The best preparation for the exam is stuff that has actually been on the real thing, and the Self Assessments are all formerly administered passages and discretes.

LOVED it. Worth every penny…

Hi Carrie,

I see your status says accepted. Congratulations on being accepted. I would appreciate your advice on how to go about the MCAT. I am having to retake it but i have two daughters (4 and 20mos) and its so hard for me to do any meaningful study plus i have a full time job. I really need to do this now any advice will be greatly appreciated.