AAMC Test 11

Ooookay, friends. Has anyone taken Test 11 online yet? I just went through it, and… yikes!!!

Tell me it felt WAY hard to someone else too???

I always go into a practice exam feeling strong and optimistic, and come out of it completely demoralized.

Ugh… I’m off for more studying! A 29 isn’t getting me into Vandy…

Hi there

I haven’t taken it. I have heard that it is one of the hardest (not like 3R). 29 on this with a few months to go, I think you will do just fine. If you are in position to take practice test at this point, then it means you are almost ahead of schedule.

Just keep reviewing and practicing.

Here is a list of my practice scores last year before I took it. But it was like a month before the test and not 3 months before the test (due to my family situation, I didn't take all tests and didn't even finish 7R)----


3R 13 14 9 36

4R 13 12 9 34

5R 14 12 10 36

6R 13 13 9 35

7R N/A N/A 9 9

8R 14 13 9 36

Real thing 12,12 and VR=6

Actually . . . I took the AAMC test 11 before I took the exam this summer. I thought it was a really good sample of how hard the test-day test was . . . though I did better on the test than PT 11.

Eat a good breakfast, bring water and snacks, and you should be fine

I was afraid of that. Well, that gives me a good baseline…

Onward and upward!

I think of rescheduling my MCAT every day…pushing it back into May to give myself more time to study. But I think it’s just nerves.

Whew… this mental game is ridiculous.

Carrie, I looked through my old posts and I scored 4 points higher on my actual test than I did on AAMC 11. So try not to get too discouraged.

I also remember feeling like I wanted more time to study before I took my exam. I’m not sure anyone truly feels “ready” for it. But at some point, you’ll have to say, “Let’s get this thing done!”