AAMC Traffic Rules

For those about the enter the application process it’s good to know the “traffic rules” set by the AAMC for both med school applicants and med school admission officers. Since it’s May 15th (the deadline by which all allopathic med school applicants must decide on ONE school, relinquishing all other offers) I thought it was a good day to reiterate the traffic rules for the benefit of those about to apply. I did a blog post about the traffic rules, with a synopsis of the rules for applicants, along with links to the AAMC’s rules. Or you can go to the AAMC directly for traffic rules for applicants and the rules for admission officers. You should be aware of these rules prior to applying.



An update to the above post: I heard through the grapevine that the traffic rules (especially those pertaining to waiting list rules) may be revised late this summer. Stay tuned and check with the AAMC later in the process for up-to-date info (or I will post it here!)