About MCAT study

Well i a quite a ways off from writing but i figured i should start now. I will write aug 2006.
I finished chem I and Chem II and will start Physics I and Bio I this sept. I have been reviewing chem with examkrackers and the audio osmosis. I think while going through bio and physics i will rewiew them as well.
Any suggestions? I really like the examkrackers stuff personally.

I am preparing to take the August 2005 MCAT (in 10.5 days) and I have used mostly ExamKrackers and Audio Osmosis to prepare. Once I started taking practice exams and finding out what needs more attention, I have been searching out other sources to zero in on my weaker areas. Right now, I am feeling pretty satisfied with my preparation. I started really studying for the MCAT 10 weeks before the test (like EK recommends), but I modified their schedule somewhat. I covered all the same books but did them in a different order.
One thing I would recommend is that you do what you suggested–review your Chemistry as you go through the year. Just so you don’t forget it. When I was in your shoes a year ago, I had Chemistry down cold and thought it would stay with me. Well, guess what is my weakest subject now? Yup, Chemistry! It’s coming back pretty quickly, but it would have been nice to keep it fresher in my mind!
Good luck this year.

I won’t be taking the MCAT until 2007 at the earliest. Former premeds of mine (all now in med school) gave me their Princeton Review and Kaplan materials. I have just started reviewing this material while at the same time I am taking my basic sciences for the second time. But this Examkrackers stuff is intriguing. Does their Audio-Osmosis really work?

Audiosmosis isn’t too bad. I was doing some serious driving and figured it was a good way use that time productively. I think I found their physics and organic chemistry stuff the most helpful. It is full of dumb jokes and sound effects, but better than being too dry. I’m more a visual than audio person though, so for me the Kaplan book was more helpful.

I found it helpful. Lots of bad jokes and noises. Still, let’s face it, some of this is dry stuff. So you have to be prepared to hit the “repeat that track” button when you realize you’ve zoned out. If you’re willing to really listen to it and repeat when you need it, I think it can be a very helpful adjunct.

Good advice.
I did well in chem but it was a struggle for me. Im very visual and chem just… isnt :stuck_out_tongue: I believe i will be doing alot of “relearning” stuff by the time i hit full on MCAT studying. I think that the focus EK does is what will help me the most. If you focus on the MCAT only chem material there is a signifigantly decreased amount of info to know.
Cool stuff.
As far as Audio osmosis. I use it all the time. Truly i have no idea how much of it i am taking in. I listen to it in the car, sometimes when i sleep (hehe) and when im at the gym. If i even take away 5% of what i am hearing then it was totally worth it as it would be time i couldnt study anyway.
It is dry material but even if i zone out for a bit i just keep going. I will get back to the start eventually.
thanks all for the excellent advice

I think the usefulness of audio osmosis depends on your learning style. As an alternative science education teacher, I can safely say that the majority of learning occurs visually. Now, I don’t want to create a battle of the sexes on this topic; but, recent studies show that men are more visually wired than females and females are more aurally wired than males. It explains why I can surf with the remote control for long periods of time and my Sweetie Other (SO) can “talk the horns off of a billy goat” with her mother, on the phone. Why would you pay for something that gives a 5% retention rate? I think I would pay for something that is visually oriented (i.e. books and dvds). Just my .02

Well from my perspective its all about time management. I cannot study visually when im at the gym, in the car or sleeping. However, i can easily listen to audio osmosis during these time and effectively take in information.
I agree im a visual learner, however that isnt always an option and as a non trad working full time with other responsibilities, i need to manage my time as best as i can to maximize study. From my perspective, audio osmosis provides me with extra study time i wouldnt normally have. Any edge is a good one when it comes to the MCAT i think.
have a good one

The other thing is that you can force yourself to visualize while you’re listening. You do end up hitting that backup button from time to time, but it enormously increases the value you’ll get out of the thing.