ABSITE is over for 2003

It’s OVER!!!
The ABSITE is over for this year and my mind is completely empty. ABSITE is the American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam. Every surgery resident around the country will sit for this exam either today or tomorrow. This was the most difficult exam of my educational career. The scores won’t be back until March but I am glad this one is “in the can” for this year.

My experience with taking this exam is that 1. I am in a totally awesome residency program because my chief residents or my attendings prepared us well and 2. Learning to practice a high level of surgery is one of the most demanding tasks both mentally and physically that I will ever encounter. There is just so much to learn and so many things that I have to get solid experience with. I can totally see why a good surgery residency will take seven years. Oh well, back to the books! rolleyes.gif