Academic Fresh Start

Thought this might be interesting for those that live in Texas. I had never heard of it before today when I went to talk to the Admissions Dept. at one of the schools here.

As I was explaining my incredibly horrible undergrad GPA and that it would be impossible to bring it up to a competitive level, the admissions person informed me of the Academic Fresh Start law in Texas. I found info about it from here.

The Admissions person stated that if I did this option that the AdComs would see my old undergraduate classes taken, but not the grades. My undergrad GPA would now be 4.0 (which is what I have for my prereqs plus a couple that I did for prereqs for my Master’s degree). When I apply, they would see that I applied using the Academic Fresh Start and would definitely ask questions, but I think it would look better for the initial screening.

What does everyone else out there think? Is this a good idea? My GPA was 2.33 in undergrad (3.94 for Master’s).

By the way, this is only applicable to Texas schools only.

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I think this is a great option. I’d go for it if it were me.

Good luck!

sounds awesome!! i wish they had that in illinois!

I wish they had that in pennsylvania and/or jersey as well!

That’s very interesting. But I think you may not have received completely accurate information. (or I am not reading this correctly, let’s hope I’m wrong)

Check out this link, and scroll down to the middle of the page:

It sounds as though you would not be able to count any of the CREDITS either. So it IS a fresh start, but it’s a complete fresh start. You would have to earn another UG degree or, at minimum, take advantage of the existing ability for UG students to apply to start med school in lieu of their senior year.

I’ll keep researching. Maybe you’ll find out I’m wrong.

I forgot about your Master’s degree… maybe you ARE good to go!

If that’s the case, what have you got to lose?