Academic infraction

Unfortunately, I have been in a situation last year where I was writing an online midterm examination and had multiple power outages. After reaching out to the professor with no response back, I looked to see if other students were having issues with a power outage on social media and saw a few students sending in questions from the exam (I’m assuming I wasn’t the only one with power outages).To not waste time I also referred to the questions to formulate my answer if my power came back. During the exam I wrote my answers but had one that was a variant and after the exam talked to my professor about the situation. I was sent to the dean and had an investigation. I had a reprimand letter, no deduction and nothing on my transcript. I’m not sure if this has to be added to my amcas application and how to show my maturity other than the fact that I reached out and helped in all ways I could to the professor and dean. I have a stellar gpa and experiences - mcat is in progress. Will this screw up my chances of being a doctor and getting into Medical School?