Acceptance 2007

Those “Yes Letters” should have started rolling in. Here’ where you can post your successes so that all can revel in your accomplishments.

I got 2 acceptances, one from Western U and the other from WV SOM!

I chose West Virginia!

Yay Me!

I think you’ll love it at WVSOM. Congratulations!!


Congratulations!!! You’ll love WV!!!

BTW…when and how did you hear from the schools?

(I’m freaking out now to hear from Penn State. I have no clue how they notify people…)



stay Blessed

They both came in the form of letters, snail mail.

I do not know how PS notifies, but usually MD schools are slower to let you know than DO. Most DO schools let you know within 4 weeks of interview. MD schools may have their own policy, but typically either accept you right away after interview or leave you hanging until April sometime.

Have patience, keep your head up, and don’t worry too much.

congratulations misscompassion!

Congrats MSI!

Things went well for me. 3 interviews, 4 acceptances , and probably about 14 total interviews I ended up declining as my backup acceptances came in early. Also a huge stack of unfinished secondaries. I guess I kind of overdid it on the number of schools I applied to, but I had no idea how things would pan out.

Final acceptances though of the places I did interview:

  1. WVSOM (no interview, part of the EDP that I think Misscompassion got in on as well)

  2. Midwestern (Phoenix) (3rd choice target school)

  3. TCOM (Ft. Worth, first or second choice target school)

  4. UTHSCSA (San Antonio, first or second choice target school)

    Have to decide now between SA and Ft. Worth which is a really tough decision, as they are both kind of “first choice” schools for me; but I feel very fortunate (esp. as an out-of-state applicant) to have the privelege of a decision like that.

WOW Congratulations!!!

congrats dude!!!

stay blessed

wonderful!!! Fabulous!!!Congratss!!!

Good job SamMed…

now you can relax and regenerate your energy before the school starts .





Yay!!! Great News, MissCompassion! Congratulations!

Congrats to you, Sam!!!

Congrats!!! MSI now

My first acceptance: PCOM-GA!


Happy to finally be going to med school!