Accepted to a Post Bacc! Please Help

I was just accepted to PSU Brandywine’s year long Post Bacc program. But I am not sure if I still want to do it. I graduate with my BA in English this semester. But I am kind of tired of school and have gotten really lazy this semester. However, I don’t see any good job prospects in that field. And I have already 50k in loans to pay off. I am worried if I do this post bacc and not succeed I am going to have 75k to pay off. I am already 34 years old. But I really love science, math and the medical field. Does anybody have any feedback for me?

Yes…declare, “I will pass” and “I will be accepted to medical school in year 2014 - 2015 (whatever your goal year is)”.

I am doing that after going through a short period of F.U.D.

Now for the student loans…I don’t know when you’re starting your post-bac and I don’t know your personal life (spouse, kids, pet to feed) but if at all possible, work temp jobs, live as cheap as possible, eat healthy like beans, spaghetti with sausage or turkey meat, salad, veggies, fruits and occasional, very occasional junkie stuff, (healthy food is cheaper since it has more fiber and less salt than the crap that’s “cheap”) and pay off the smallest loan first. Get yourself some small victories.

Speak words of encouragement ~ we have what we say…“I will succeed”.

Have a GREAT day!!