ace-ing calculus

I know many of you are celebrating the end of your terms - but those of us on quarter systems are just gearing up for the last couple of weeks and finals
when I was in pre-calc, i bought the book “How to Ace Calculus: the streetwise guide” - and promptly misplaced it in a moving box.
Last week, I found it going through storage boxes looking for sci fi to give to my nephew - and this weekend I’ve been using it as an extra concept review for my calculus II class - it’s a really good book !
It isn’t lots of examples like a Schaum book would be - but it is good at explaing concepts — I give it two thumbs up – and wish I had found it 6 weeks ago - with more than 1 year btw end of Calc I and start of Calc II I needed to review basic concepts a lot - and this would have been great. I hope it will help me ace the final !

Good luck with your exams Lisa! I hope you ace all of them.
Sounds like a good book. Thankfully, I took all the calculus I needed (and then some) in undergrad and I never need to think about it again! smile.gif