Achilles Tendonitis or Pneumonia? ? ?

So you’re thinking, huh? Achilles tendonitis or pneumonia? What can they possibly have in common. Well, let me tell you.

I had an awful weekend with my foot absolutely killing me if I walked. And my asthma has been a little rough the last few weeks, too.

But when I got up this morning, it was all I could do to hobble around, get ready for my day in the psychiatrist’s office, and get to work. So, when I got there, I called my family doc and asked if I could get in to get it checked.

So, at 3:00 this afternoon I go to his office expecting him to inject my foot and then it would feel all better, right? Only one problem. A temperature of almost 101. And he knows I’ve been coughing worse because I saw him for my regular check-up a couple of weeks ago and he increased my inhalers and nebulizer treatments. So, it’s off to the lab and x-ray for a CBC and a chest film.

And guess what. Pneumonia! Do you believe it? Pneumonia! I’ve had the pneumovax and I still got pneumonia! I guess that explains the cold chills last weekend. I thought I was just tired.

So now it’s a week of levacquin (at almost $150.00 for the week), and then hopefully, it will be better. As to the foot, it ends up being Achilles tendonitis, so I’ll have ultrasound treatments 3X/week and that will hopefully help it heal.

Oh, and along with all this, we found out last week that Zane has to have surgery on the 19th for an absolutely awful inguinal hernia. I swear it gets bigger everyday!

So, now it’s time to deal with pneumonia, asthma, achille’s tendonitis, Zane’s surgery, rotations, and, don’t forget, the upcoming COMLEX! Sometimes I’d just like a little break (and I don’t mean a fracture!).

But you know what? Through it all, I’m still having a great time in rotations and can’t wait for the next one to begin!

Hey Linda,
Sometimes it just rains and rains and rains. I hope your ankle get better. It is a good thing that Psychiatry can be done sitting down (at least I did lots of sitting and evaluating during my Psych rotation).
Zane will come through the hernia surgery just fine. Be sure that he is infection-free (no colds or flu) so that they can put in some mesh (tension-free Lichtenstein). He might be pretty uncomfortable for a few days but he will ultimately do fine. An ice bag to the groin and wearing supportive-type (tighty whities) underwear also helps with comfort after inguinal hernia surgery.
I hope things get better and keep plugging away at COMLEX.