Ack! Burp!!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever consume an entire medium pepperoni and jalapeno pizza while working a 16 hour shift!! URP!! Can you say GERD???
Kathy at 4:50 am

You MUST carry Zantac with you for these situations! Works for me every time. Zantac = permission to indulge

“Just say no” to rogue Jalepinos finding their way into your diet.

Never eat a whole bag of wingers on your own. Did it in college and took me about 6 years retry the wingers. Now I am controlled by the wife.
I have not willpower

Its hard to admit you finally need the Zantac but if it helps, thats great, because, Joe, I will not give up those jalapenos!! And gablerman, what are “Wingers”?

ohhhhhhh nooooooo Zantac is permission to be bad But you gotta take prescription strength (150mg, which is two of the OTC pills).

My stomach sees your Zantac and raises you by 40 mg Prilosec.
Hmm…perhaps I AM just a touch competitive.

30 mg Prevacid, baby…

Yeah, I miss the Prevacid. Currently my insurance covers OTC Prilosec, but fortunately I can take the double OTC dose and still have it covered.

I get free samples! (connections…)