Ack...I Never Spent This Much on Computer Hardware

The time of transition I’ve been going through has been interesting to say the least. It’s certainly had its ups and downs…but coming up soon after the MCAT is over will be one of those “up” days.
I’m going to ask my intelligent, lovely, talented and otherwise generally wonderful girlfriend Christine to be my wife. She’s a CNA in the hospital where I’ve done my volunteer work.
The ring went in for sizing today. In the interest of preventing “leaks” of sensitive information, I haven’t told anyone local the specifics.
But I figured I’d spill the beans on here anyway! (and in the off chance any of you DO know her, you are as of this moment sworn to secrecy…)
(Actually, this is all a carefully crafted strategy…next to proposal jitters, MCAT jitters are like a stroll in the park… )

Very cool, Boeing! Congratulations!

That’s awesome!

Best of luck, congrats and make sure you keep us updated on how it goes. I’ll bet she say hell yeah!!! Who would turn down a future doc right!?!?!?

Woohoo! Vent away, dearie, and give us all the details when you’ve got 'em!

How exciting. Of course, she will say yes. Congratulations!

Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear the details. Did she say yes yet?

Haven’t asked her yet…the ring is being sized and the mounting swapped from a 6 point mount to a 4 point mount at the jeweler. It’ll be ready for me to pick up on Friday afternoon.

AWESOME!!! Many Congrats to you both!

Hi there,
Congratulations! Please be sure and let us know how the whole thing goes. This is so exciting for us and for you. I was totally surprised when my fiance dropped the ring on me. He was so sneaky and I was speechless. (Anyone who knows me, knows that I never shut up). Really, she is going to be thrilled. Good luck!