ACS General Chemistry exam

Has anyone taken the ACS General Chemistry exam? I am finishing up Gen Chem 2, and the professor told us this morning that our final will be the ACS General Chemistry exam, encompassing both 101 AND 102.

I looked at some of the stats from the ACS site and it appears that in recent years the test has been very difficult.

I have an A now, but I’m worried that this exam is going to kick my butt!

The material in Chem I, such as balancing equations, limiting reagents, and alike is used throughout Chem II as well. You probably have it down pretty well. A quick google search does come up with several free online exams. Here are a few that seem reasonable

ACS-like test from college course

ACS Testbank Link (unoffical)

Thanks Richard, these are wonderful!

I was really looking for a good set of practice problems, and these two sites look to be perfect.

Much appreciated!!

Good Info. I have Gen Chem 1 final next month they our prof. said he has to use ACS … Thanks!

The ACS sells an exam prep book for $15 as well.

I bought it for my Gen Chem 1 final in the fall. It’s got a good set of practice questions, but the format the material is presented in is quite a bit different from the way we covered things in lecture.

Thanks Starri!

If you’re taking an ACS exam, I definitely recommend buying their prep book, as the format of the ACS questions may be quite a bit different than what you are used to for a chemistry exam.

Our final exam for organic chemistry was the ACS organic chemistry exam, while the rest of our exams were made up by our professor.