Active Duty!!! Any Advice??

Hey guys,

I’ve been a lurker for a long time and I always enjoy listening to the podcasts. I felt like I should finally introduce myself and ask for some advice!!! I graduated with my Bachelors in Health Sciences in 2012. I spent some time working as a personal trainer until I joined the Navy in 2015. My service has opened my eyes and shown me that I want to become a physician and serve others. I am hoping to get some advice from you guys!!! I have 3 years left on my enlistment.

I have completed most of the prerequisites when I completed my degree in 2012. The classes are almost 5 years old. I still need to take Ochem and Physics. My GPA is 2.96 for my undergrad and my science gpa is 2.7 so not the best. I also have an associates for my Medical lab tech that I received from my training in the Navy. My GPA for that is a 3.3. I received this from George Washington University. I haven’t taken the MCAT yet but I plan on taking it in the next year and a half. After studying and preparing for it correctly. I know some people have gotten into school with grades that are much older than mine according to the podcast.

Since I already have a bachelors I won’t be able to get TA to pay for the classes I need so I will be using the GI Bill or taking out private loans.

My question is should I take just Ochem and Physics and apply? If I do well in those classes and get As my science gpa should rise to 3.1. As long as I do well on the MCAT do you guys think I have a good chance of getting in?

Or should I just start retaking all the Prerequisites again? I know that the update of grade replacement AACOM won’t help me much. I was hoping to use the GI bill towards medical school or doing HPSP/USUHS? My current work schedule doesn’t allow much time to take classes so I was looking at UNE online but that wouldn’t allow me to apply to USUHS. I have spoken to about 15 schools that say they would accept the online Prerequisites if I took them that way. I am not ruling out night classes either but that would be very difficult because the nearest school is about an hour drive from my location. If you guys need more info just let me know any advice will help!!! Thank you!

I was active duty when I took a lot of the prereqs. I went through UNE for most of the classes I had left and was able to still apply to over 15 schools that fit what I was looking for (this was in 2013 or so, so I’m guessing more schools take online now). USU told me to not even bother applying for a waiver for online credits… HPSP doesn’t care about your credits as long as an accredited US medical school takes you. With your current GPA, you’d be part of the open competition for slots that aren’t filled by auto-qualifiers (Min MCAT and GPA score, not sure what they are).

I was actually able to get TA to cover some of the costs. My counselor at the time signed off because the classes were working towards a degree that was higher than what I currently held (had a BS already). Not sure if that would still be approved because this was like 10+ years ago and I’m sure the rules have changed. One caution with TA is to watch out for whatever contract extension you would be getting for using it.