Active Duty looking for redemption Advice

Hey all,

Been listening to all the podcasts and Youtube videos for a couple years now, and just wanted to get some advice from you all.

Currently an Arty Marine LT, 2.5 years out of college, with not the greatest GPA, looking to redeem himself and become a Physician.

Background: BS Biology, c2.93 GPA, UC Riverside
Clinical: Couple hundred hours of ER and ICU volunteering at Kaiser Permanente, as well as Downey Fire Department paramedic volunteering back when I was in college (Senior year and Sophomore year respectively).
Research: 1 year of non published research in Entomology.

Course of Action: I EAS in September of 2021, I’m planning on doing a DIY post bacc, taking fall, winter, spring and summer quarters before taking about 6 months to study for the MCAT, taking in in January of 2023. If I need to retake the MCAT or take more classes I will do so before applying June 2023.

As far as getting more clinical and shadowing experience. I plan on volunteering at the local Hospital in NC once a week once during my final year, once I return from deployment. Once I EAS, I plan to apply to work as an ER Scribe (or any scribe position that puts me in direct contact with patients) and work that position while I’m doing my Post Bacc. Once I start studying for the MCAT, I plan to shadow once a week all the way up until I take my MCAT. Once I start applying, I plan to keep that Shadowing position and reapply for another Scribe Position and continue working that for as long as I can.

I know my GPA and MCAT will be the biggest points of friction for me, and I’m pretty set on doing a DIY Post bacc, unless I’m able to find a formal post bacc with linkage. I’m against doing an SMP immediately after I EAS, simply because I’ll have been 4 years out of college.

Just wanted some advice from you all!