Active Duty, MCAT, Application Process

Do people ever go through the med school application process while on active duty? It seems like it would be very difficult. I looked it up on AMCAS and it looks like it’s been done. Not on active duty yet but I will be soon (med services) and just want to explore my some options. All my undergrad pre-reqs are done. Any advice?

I’m currently Active Duty and it definitely has been done. Difficult…but done. I won’t be AD anymore when I apply (separating in 2 months).

HOWEVER, I have a few questions for you. If you already have your prereqs done, why are you joining? Have you finished your degree? Also be aware that they won’t let you leave for med school until you finish up a great majority of your commitment. So it’ll be a few years before you can even think about applying. If you don’t mind telling me what all you’ve done towards applying to medical school and what you are joining the military for, I might be able to give you a more personalized answer.

I’m in ROTC so I’ve already committed to at least a 4 year AD contract. I’ve been pre-med the whole time but joined ROTC pretty late. Thought about doing the ed delay but I just didn’t end up having enough time to make it all happen (MCAT, applying, etc.) before graduation. I figured that I wouldn’t be able to apply for med school for a while. I thought that might be good for me anyway to give me some experience before applying. I’ve done a lot of volunteering at hospitals, shadowing, clinical hours, and a little bit of research in my undergrad. I haven’t taken the MCAT yet since it only lasts for 3 years (worried it will expire if I can’t apply while on AD) and I haven’t started applying for med school at all. I’ve heard it can depend a lot on your leadership whether or not they would let you apply during your service commitment.

I can always wait until I’m completely done with my service commitment to start the application process at all but thought it can’t hurt to start a year before that if I’m able to. Let me know if you have any more questions, all your feedback helps. Thanks.

As an ROTC cadet, things are little different than someone who enlists or direct commissions. You can go directly into medical school and your payback time will just be tacked on. The radiologist I worked for went to the AF Academy then directly to USUHS. Obviously his service obligation is ridiculous but it’s something you can do!