Active Duty Military: DIY post bacc for prereqs online or Military med school prereq program?

HI everyone

I am active duty (AD) military and I am looking to try and start my prereqs. I already have my BAS in hospitality admin received in 2007. Because of AD I can not apply as a full or part time student at the local colleges/universities. These colleges also do not offer evening weekend classes. My only option is online as a DIY post bacc or a military program with limited schools to apply to.

I have an option for a military program that will help me obtain my prereqs and prepare for the MCAT and med school applications. Downside to this program is limited schools to apply to (Uniform Services University or med schools in Puerto Rico through HPSP).

Completing my prereqs online is a slower option but I will be able to apply a broader range of schools

Should I apply to the military program or start my prereqs online and apply to med schools after contract?

Any recommended online post bacc programs? (I am looking at UNE pre med certificate program)

Thanks in advance for your advice and help

Hi there!

Are you referring to EMDP2? if so, I can give you a lot of insight. I applied this year but did not get accepted due to lowering PT test scores due to back injury. I was not able to give them the 20+ years they would’ve required of me. Other than that, I was told my stats were perfect and that my PS could’ve used some work.

Because I did not accepted and most likely won’t if I apply again, I decided to separate early to start a post-bacc at the exact same school that EMDP2 is held at (Im actually stationed in the area ironically enough).

If you have any questions about the program or what I’m doing with my early separation and my plans/advice, feel free to ask!

HI Linsey

Yes, I am referring to EMDP2! I have been working on the application process since last year. My major step is retaking the SAT and getting the 1200+. But during the process I PCS’d and now starting back over. Any insight to the application process would be great. Most people that I have talked to have not even heard of this program or they think I am talking about IPAP.

Are you finding doing the post bacc on your own a better option? For me EMDP2 would be ideal as I want to stay active duty. If I dont apply/get accepted to this program my option is to do my classes within the next three years (the remainder of my contract) at a local college or online (TA would not cover), apply to schools (hopefully get accepted) then try to get back in.

Im currently station in JBSA so I have a great opportunity to volunteer and find a mentor(s).

Have you heard anything about the program changing for this upcoming year? The USUHS webpage for EMDP2 has a note about changes coming. The updated MILPER has yet to come out either.

What advice or guidance did you receive for your PS?

Thanks for your advice

The application process depends on your branch. I’m in the Air Force so I applied online through mypers. If you’d like, I can email you my completed package that I submitted so you know what it looks like. And I agree with no one knowing what you’re talking about. The only reason I got so much information was because of my proximity to USUHS. ( I met the program director Dr Greene at a random volunteer event, one of the doctors I work with’s wife is a high up associate professor, and I’ve worked with the med students over there). So I can definitely help you out.

The post bacc on my own is the best option for me. I’ve never really been in love with the military so this was my chance to not owe my life. Doing EMDP2 means retiring with all the pay back time. However, I think it’s a fantastic program. Graduating with zero debt and getting paid is fantastic. You dont have to worry about anything other than going to school and pt testing. Also you wear your uniform like one day a week. It’s literally perfect. Plus the mcat prep is included which is a couple grand but idk if they help pay for amcas fees or not. And they definitely help with clinical experience if you dont have any. But if you arent medical, I would definitely start getting hours now. I guy I know got rejected from USUHS last year and waitlisted this year from lack of clinical experince.

For updates, I would recommend following the EMDP2 facebook page. It’s most up to date on there. But the updates they may be referring to is COVID. I’m separating 1 Sept and starting classes at George Mason University (same school as EMDP2) and classes are mostly online for the fall except for labs. So they may be having to adjust.

And my PS was just like every other pre-med’s - too much about personal life and not enough about why you wanna be a doctor.

You can find me on the global if you need anything else or want me to send my package! (last name is Golding and I’m the only one)

I also forgot to add

I’m not fully set on not rejoining. I may end up going PHS because I love the mission. So if EMDP2 doesnt work out, separating then joining again isnt the end of the world. However, if you choose to go to USUHS rather than a civilian school with the HPSP, you’ll go into the pot with the other civilians when being picked for which branch (all this is if you separate. If you stay in, you’ll stay in the same branch you’re currently in other than marine applicants)

Hey Im Kyle, I just got accepted to the 2020 cohort for EMDP2.

If you do EMDP2 it doesnt guarantee you entrance to USUHS so you will likely WANT to apply for HPSP as many applicants are applying to at least 15 med schools and USUHS is the only one you can do while on active duty. EMDP2 will fill the rest of your prereqs we take the MCAT at the end of our first year and apply for med school on that same year. 2nd year is all additional courses that assist with the transition from pre med to med school.

You have at least another year before EMDP2 would start again. The fastest option for you would be to us TA or GI bill and do courses will in service. You can do online courses but most of your science courses like chem and physics will require a lab so that may be something to consider. You could also discharge- use your GI bill for pre med then apply the next cycle. Then you can apply to HPSP. You can also apply to USUHS at that time too.

If you have any other questions or need anything else my email is below