Active Duty Military

Good evening everyone! I’m just posting here to see what you all think.

I’m currently active duty Air Force (enlisted) looking to apply for early separation to start my DIY post-bacc this fall. I got an online degree from Purdue Global University due to being AD and got a 4.0. I also have some credits from a local community college where I took some pre-reqs and got a 3.9

I plan on taking bio, chem 1, and physics 1 this fall. Then chem 2, physics 2, and genetics this spring. I intend on self-studying organic chem and some biochem to take the MCAT in april to apply next may. I think I can study for biochem because I took it online (will be retaking it in person next fall) but am concerned about self studying for organic chem.

I am an xray tech in the AF for the last 5 years with some shadowing experience but primarily just clinical experience.

I will also end up applying to med schools while still completing prereqs (will be finished next fall)

What is your guys’ opinion? Should I take a gap year to finish prereqs, study for the MCAT longer, and other experience or should I continue with applying next year?

Any advice would be awesome!

What’s going on. I’m former Army, seperated in 2018, currently doing grad school and DIY post bacc at a community college. Especially as military I would say if you have to ask, the gap year might be the right call. As someone that has a tendency to try to do everything at once and bury myself under a heap of stress my main questions to you would be: What is the rush to apply? Would the extra year serve you well and give you time to score better? Self study of o chem will be incredibly difficult. I’m sure you can do it, but if you don’t have to hurry up then I definitely wouldn’t. Also, never underestimate transitioning out no matter how normal you feel at first. It is a strange process I definitely recommend giving yourself time to breathe. Let me know if you need anything.

Thank you for your response! My plan was to take the MCAT in April 2021 and depending on what I get, decide from there whether I apply that cycle or take the gap year. I guess I don’t really have a reason to rush in other than I’m very eager to get started!

Thanks for the input about the transition. I know it’ll be difficult fitting back in the real world especially since I joined at 18!

@Ljgolding, you replied to my other post that got flagged-- I think because it was too similar to another one. You asked for more info, I’m in ROTC so I’ve already committed to at least a 4 year AD contract. I’ve been pre-med the whole time but joined ROTC pretty late. Thought about doing the ed delay but I just didn’t end up having enough time to make it all happen (MCAT, applying, etc.) before graduation. I figured that I wouldn’t be able to apply for med school for a while. I thought that might be good for me anyway to give me some experience before applying. I haven’t taken the MCAT yet since it only lasts for 3 years (worried it will expire if I can’t apply while on AD) and I haven’t started applying for med school at all.