Adcoms take on maternity leave during off year?

I’m going to have to take an off year in between my BS and (hopefully) going to med school because of the way organic chem will fall, pushing back my ability to take the MCAT. Because of this, the hubby and I are planning on having another kid (God willing) during this time so our children will be one and four when I start med school. We have a one year old right now and the huge change in type of interactions has been phenomenal from having a newborn, so I know that we can do it if our second kid is around a year or older. The maternity leave if all goes well will be June and July, with me doing as much as possible in advance so I can submit the AMCAS on June 1. Will adcoms look down on me because I chose to have another kid before med school (being a woman) and took a two month break during application season? While it wouldn’t be a deal breaker if we had to wait 8-10 years between kids, I’d really like to keep them fairly close together since we have the opportunity. Or am I just having a silly pre-med freakout :wink: ?

The glide year is the year to do it.

There are a few people in my class (both male and female) who have kids under 1 year old. I really get the impression that the staff and prof’s are quite happy to see people in the class with families and kids.

Well that’s a pleasant surprise. Thanks! :slight_smile: