Advice Always Welcome

I’m completing my pre-reqs right now and trying to decide if I should apply for entry in Fall of 2010 or fall of 2011. Here is what I have done so far.

  • Fall '94-Spring '95 General Bio and General Chem w/ labs (A's in all)
  • 1995-2006 completed BA and MA in Literature. Worked as science editor. Also completed courses in calculus (B+), statistics (A), psychology (B) etc.
  • Fall 2008- Completed Physics 1 and Orgo 1 with Labs (A)
  • Spring 2009- Will complete physics 2 and Orgo 2 with labs, and also doing a job shadow experience with a local surgeon.

This fall I plan to take Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Originally, I was planning to take the MCAT in the spring of '10, but it occured to me that I'll have all of the pre-reqs that I need for the schools I am considering by the end of Spring 2009. (I'll need Biochem as well, but it would be finished by the time I enroll, so I think it's okay to apply while that is in progress.)

My general bio and chem credits are old, of course, this is the reason that I was considering postponing applications until Fall of '10. But I've been thinking that if I have the basics, why not apply at the end of this year, all they can say is "no" right...and if they do, I go back to my original timeline. Over the next 10 months or so I'll be reviewing what I learned in general bio and chem anyway to prep for MCAT.

Any advice?



The average cost for applications alone, depending on the number of schools you are applying to, can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The costs include the AAMCAS, AACOMAS applications, secondary applications (Cash Cows for schools) and if you get any interviews (transportation and lodging).

Before making this commitment, make sure that everything is in place. IF you need to retake bio due to their age, it is better to find out NOW rather than after you spent all of that money. Call or e-mail a couple of schools and find out first.