Advice for a 33yo looking to give med school another try

My brief backstory…

I graduated in 2009 with a 3.88 GPA (around a 3.7 science GPA). I applied to med school and got on the wait list before being rejected. I have since been traveling and working in other fields, but I am back in the US, and I want to give medical school another try. Let me preface this by saying that I know I have a big uphill battle given my age of 33.

I’ve noticed that my prerequisites and MCAT scores have “expired” according to everything that I have read. Obviously I need to prepare and retake the MCAT, as well as get involved in extracurriculars. But I’m really wrestling with what to do about the prereq situation.

If I do not need to improve my GPA, what would be the better option between a Post Bacc, a DIY Post Bacc, or a SMP (or Master’s) for someone in my position?

I’ve seen the curriculum for various Post Bacc programs, and the idea of retaking so many courses that I did well in is not something I am excited about. I’d like “relearn” what I have to for the MCAT rather independently, get my extracurricular experiences, and then add a few higher level premed classes to show adcoms that I can still excel academically.

Would this suffice or should I officially retake basically all of the prereqs as well?

Also, I am open to international med schools even though I know that it is important to find one that is US accredited and has good US residency matching potential. I am open to DO, but I prefer the MD route if at all possible.

I would truly appreciate any knowledgeable advice. Thanks in advance!