Advice for strong application lacking clinical?!

I know it’s a stretch… but can I argue having frequent doctor visits for personal reasons as clinical experience?? Long story short, on average I have had 12-14 doctor visits per year for the past 5 years due to surgeries, hospitalization/treatments, check-ups, etc (I have physicians for 7 different specialties due to a condition I was born with). I have a solid argument in mind as to what I learned and gained from each one! I also have really good stats, non-clinical volunteer hours, published research, rec letters (including one from one of these physicians), and have a good story and strong reason for wanting to be a physician even aside from my own condition. I know I can tie everything in my application together well and make it convey something, but will this be enough without any true clinical hours since starting college (I got a nice amount of both shadowing and clinical volunteer hours in high school)??? I even have proof that my clinical position was set up back in March and then cancelled due to COVID!

POV: I am currently a junior in college and will be applying to med school in June.