Advice? In need of direction and perspective please...

ok…i have been looking at this forum more and more lately and here is my story.

I am 24, i know young, but still considered from what i have researched to be an untraditional med student. i have always had a secret desire to be a doctor, but only now have i looked at the actual possibility of that.

I have a BA in psych from St. Anselm College. However, my cum gpa is actually beyond aweful as it is slightly below 2.0. i am asshamed, even though the reason for this was not partying like most people assume when you have a low gpa, but bc i became the guardian of my grandfather at 18, i was all he had.

So i am lucky to have even gotten a BA after what i have been through which i don’t need a sob story, i just have to deal with these consequences now.

Basically no pre-bac program would admit me, no masters program, and i know harvard ext. offers a premed cert. program, however i do not have enough money to even pay for one class. So i have deduced that my only way out of my awful academic past is to do a second bachelors, this time in biology (which i almost did instead of psych the first time around).

i know most people are looking at me like i am damn near insane to be even trying to get into what it would take to be competitive at this point in time with the med school game, but i can’t seem to get away or convince myself to do something else. Its never been about money for me, i believe in doing work that is fufilling. i just want to wake up on most days and like what i am doing and know that even if it’s tiny, i am making some kind of a difference in this world.

Any and all realistic advice/comments are welcomed. i had received some feedback from the few medical admissions people that would answer some questions i had about preparing and what to do and think about if i embark on this long journey. i have along the way found inspiration and there seems to be a lot of positive things going on here and that gives me hope.

I am the first child in my family to grad with a bachelors, so i dont have lots of people to help me in advising or know the options i have.

Thank you in advance for considering my craziness.

Where there is a will there is a way! Good luck!