Advice needed--Low science GPA feeling hopeless

I have attended Florida State and began studying in the biology department. I have taken Chem 1/Lab (B+/A) Chem 2 (C+/B+) then Bio 1/Lab (C+/A) Bio 2 (C+/B+) and Calculus (C+). Obviously I am terrified to continue onto Organic chem and physics given my track record. After receiving a fourth C+, I have seriously reconsidering pursuing medicine and have felt extremely lost and depressed. I do not have any competitive chance at any medical school now, or even PA or dental school for those regards most likely. I am a second semester sophomore and am taking introductory business courses now as a solution, but absolutely hate it and regret now wasting this semester. I feel like I have ruined my time at college and have gotten no where academically. I followed my bio advisor’s advice in taking bio 2 and calc together which was the worst decision towards my med/PA/dental aspirations. Seriously need help and advice, feeling very defeated and confused. Thanks for reading.