Advice needed please:)

A friend of mine took local community college English composition and Chemistry, Statistics and some other classes and got an ‘A’ in all of them (while she worked full time). Later she realized she wanted to go into medicine and she took the same classes at Harvard Extension where I joined post bacc and was struggling to get a B even though she has taken some of those classes already and could barely work.

Do you think it is worth to have a Harvard name on your post bacc with mediocre grades or better to complete those classes elsewhere with A’s Thank you.

My opinion, and my opinion only (and I am not in med school), is that As are better. However, going to a CC is one thing, but you have to understand that some Med School just don’t want CC credits or don’t accept them or look poorly on them. Secondly, going to CC is OK as long as you maintain a decent GPA. A bad GPA from a CC will screw up your chances in a substantial way.

Again, in going the CC route, you may want to get in touch with the adcoms of the schools you target. I truly insist on it.

I’m not sure I understand the question. You are required to submit all your transcripts for every college you’ve ever attended, regardless of how briefly, if the credit was transferred to another school, etc. In the event that someone has taken classes multiple times from different schools the med schools still see all of it.

The debate between doing pre-reqs at a CC vs. University are better documented elsewhere on this site so I won’t go into that.