Hello everyone,

I’m finally in a position to realize my dream (hope it is not too late), I have an MBA (2003) from a top school, and I’ve taken all the science/math pre-reqs before (10+ years).

My plan it to retake A&P, Organic I&II, Physics I&II, and Calculus and Stats all in 2 semesters then take the MCAT. My question; Does it matter what kind of university I go to brush up? A small technical college??

I plan on applying to Osteopath schools and if that doesn’t work, then I will apply to Ross in the Caribbean.

Any advice?

I’m not sure why you feel the need to retake calculus and stats instead of retaking biology. Of all the pre-reqs, the bio requirement is probably the most essential one to be current. There have been a lot of new developments in biology in the past ten years.

In answer to your question, you should retake the pre-reqs at a four year university if at all possible. If you do choose to go the CC route, make sure the courses you take would count as the pre-req courses if you transfered them to a university.

Why not apply to MD schools as well as DO schools? And why such a rush? If you plan to apply to Ross if the DO route is unsuccessful, I would argue that you are better off spending that year buffing up your application so that you are attractive to MD/DO schools the first time around. Ross is one of the better Caribbean schools, but there are significant downsides to going to the Carib.

Thanks Emergency!

I’ve considered what you’ve said and will drop the math classes and take biology instead.

When the time’s right, I will look into MD schools as well.