Advice on application timeline

So I’m three classes away from meeting the requirement of prerequisite classes: org chem 1 (Spring 2018), org chem 2 (Summer 2018) and biochem (Fall 2018). I’m contemplating to apply to med school in June 2018, which means I have to take MCAT in 2018 spring. I know I’ll be lacking the foundational knowledge for MCAT without these three courses, so I’m also thinking about taking a MCAT prep course in spring. Is it premature to apply in 2018? Should I wait another year to apply? What are the pros and cons of each decision?

Most medical schools need the organic chem 2 requirement and biochem requirement in order to apply. Since you won’t have those classes completed before you apply, 90% of the schools you apply to will not accept your application purely based on the fact you haven’t taken those courses (biochem is more lenient, but organic chem 2 is a must).

I would suggest waiting another year in that case. Take the courses next semester, and spend 3-4 months really studying hard for the MCAT instead of grouping everything together to apply next year. I would wait another year to apply (2019-2020 cycle). I know its not ideal, but it may be to your benefit to wait.

Unless things have changed in the last 4 years or so, you can apply before you complete all of the prereqs. There should be a place on the application to put in future classes. Best case, you get an acceptance that is conditional of you completing those prereqs prior to matriculation.

This was answered on the OldPreMeds podcast, Session 107!

In response to mchun - it is incorrect that you need classes to apply to medical schools. There are, I think, a couple of exceptions, but most medical schools don’t require the prereqs to be done to apply, only to matriculate.