Advice on applying for medical school

Hey all, I think the best thing that happened to me this week is that i found this site. Its has great people who are or aspiring to be doctors and they are ready to help others as doctors always do. Thanks all and may God bless you.

To inntroduce myself, i am 33 years old and i was born and did my most schooling in Africa. I graduated in 2000 with a Biology Degree( did alot of credit courses in immunology, biochemistry,cellular biology). I then worked at the centers of disease control in Africa as a laboratory tech. where i did HIV/Tuberculosis testing. I then immigrated to USA in 2004 and in 2005 i enrolled in a Medical Tech. certification programme and i am now practising Medical technologist working in my area hospital lab.Since i was a kid i aspired to be a doctor and i had always promised myself that when i will be in America i will study medicine and become a physcian. But when i came here i had to find a quick way of supporting my family back in Africa and thats why i enrolled into the MT programm so that i could start earning as quickly as possible. Now i have put my Africa house in order and most of my family members are doing fine and they can stand on their own. I am now married and have a two year old son.My wife is nurse and we have a good life so far. My immigration status now is a US citizen.

Like most of us here the thought of being a physcian always happen to occupy my mind even when i have a great carrer and family.

I know that since my Biology degree is foreign it will not count anywhere on my medical school application though i still have to mention it. That is sad but i appreciate how much that degree has helped me so far. since 2006 i have been on and off community college doing so courses. so far i have the following course,

American history 1 & II- A

American Govt 1 & ii-A

Eng 1 -B

Eng 2 -A

CHEM I &2 -A


A and P 1 -A

Intro to Psyc-A

Dev psyc-A


Currently enrolled in A and P 2 and micro.

My questions are ;is it too late for me to get to medical school at 33 with a young family and how many more courses do i need to take so that i can apply for medical school.Especially on biology they say that they need a year in Biology. Does A and P 1 $ 2 count as biology or should i take more biology course and which one? Do i need to shadow a doctor and is it advisable to take some classes at a 4yr college rather than a community college?

Are there people here who had a bachelors degree from Africa or foreign who are or have applied to medical school? Any MTs here? How was your experience

I will appreciate alot for everybody’s comments.