Advice on choosing a postbac program

I have decent grades as an undergrad and will finish an MA in education this spring with close to a 4.0. However, I don’t have any college math. I need a program that can offer a lot of support, especially if I take calculus. I would love any feedback on what I should look for. I have been checking out schools on the aamc webiste list, and have some ideas already, but any input would be great.

Where are you geographically located? Are you wanting to stay in that area, or are you looking to relocate? What other courses besides the math requirements are you needing?

Hi Larry.
I’m in Idaho, but I intend to relocate. My partner is finishing her PhD in communication, and will be looking for a job. Given her field of interest (performance studies and women’s studies) she will most likely need to be at a large school. I know that we may not be living in the same place for awhile, depending where she gets a job and what school I go to. However, we’d like to be within weekend distance of one another. I am thinking NY or New England would be likely.
Your second question: I have taken only one year of biology. So I’ll need to take everything else.