advice on d.o. schools??

there seem to be some very wise nontraditional students here, and i’d like to pick their brains please! after this long journey, i’m really grateful to have to make this decision, but am really in need of some opinions.

i’ve gotten accepted to both CCOM and DMU, which have great legacies~

CCOM: i’m from chicago, and the school is about 30 minutes from where i live; however, i will still live on campus the first two years. during the clinical years, they mentioned that students rotate around the chicago hospitals so i know there will be exposure to diverse patients and cases. but it is more expensive…

DMU: i’ve got an aunt and cousin who live in iowa city (2 hour drive) so i do have family nearby. the facilities look great with all the use of technology - simulation labs, surgery class. but i’m not too keen on another group sharing a cadavar so that i don’t get the full exposure of my team doing everything. during the clinical years, some people get sent off to michigan and ohio - no one can end up in chicago cuz there’s lack of space. and i’m not too sure about the diverse patients and/or cases.

any other pros/cons, advice?


I am finishing up the MD program in Iowa City in May (and misread your CCOM to be Carver College of Medicine which is at the University of Iowa ). I have had the opportunity to work with a number of DMU students in clinical rotations in Des Moines. I can’t speak much to the ins and outs of the program at DMU, but I can tell you the people with whom I worked seemed to like the program a lot. Also, I was quite impressed with them as student physicians overall.

As for diversity of patients, there is a community hospital in Des Moines (Broadlawns) where DMU students can pick up rotations. You will have diversity in patients and cases if you do rotations there. I did OB/gyn there and LOVED it! Also, the FP residency program there is almost exclusively filled with D.O.'s (almost all from DMU). They are an incredible group of residents.

Generally speaking, I have heard that there is some stress with getting rotations set up. On the other hand, you would have more freedom (than say, we did) to set up rotation sites where you are most interested.

Best of luck with your decision and CONGRATS! Please feel free to drop me a private message if you have further questions you think I may be able to answer.