Advice on # of courses before Mcat

I am the traditional nontraditional older premed, I work 40 hours a week and take 8-10 hours a semester. I have keept this type of schedule for 2.5 years. All I have left to do next year is take the full year of physics requirement. Should I cut back to the 1 physics course a semester and study for the MCAT, or take physics and a 2nd course to stay consistent with the course load I have been carrying? My concern is I will take a heavy science course and physics and not have time to properly prepare for the MCAT. If the scenerio is a 27 MCAT with 2 courses and a 30 MCAT score with 1, what is the better route? Can 1 course a semester for a year be justified, or is it just bad news all around?
This past year I have shown a heavy course load and maintained all A’s. 1st semester Org1, Microbiology, and EMT B course (certified 1-21-05) 2nd semester Org2, Cell Biology, and A&P2
Thanks for your help.

The thirty is better. I cut back to one course just for this current semester to prep for the MCAT–stuck with two in the fall. I don’t have my score yet, but I was getting consistently good practice exam scores.
I think you’ve shown you still have the academic chops. Cut back and rock that MCAT!

I’m sure it will not be a big deal if you cut back on classes during the semester of the MCAT. But you still need to be able to show that you can handle a full science courseload. I would say that requires at least 3 classes per semester. Better yet 4, because then no one can challenge you. So make sure you’ve had a few semesters like that. The rest is up to you.

Definitely take just one course the semester you’re doing the MCAT. You need to consider MCAT prep at least as time-consuming as a tough science course w/lab. As for the load you’ve done so far, given that you’ve also had a full-time job, I think you’ll be fine. Make sure you emphasize in your personal statement that you’ve done your academic preparation while holding down a full-time job.

Thank you for the helpful tips. There are so many variables to get worked out, it definately is exciting chipping away at the list bit by bit.