Advice on recall during tests?

Can anybody provide the methods that you use to memorize material and recall it during tests?

I’ve tried lots of things, and nothing seems to work; I can memorize non-science material very easily and easily get A’s in those sorts of courses. However, as soon as I attempt scientific stuff (chemistry, biology, microbiology, etc.), my recall drops precipitously during exams, and so I do poorly on those tests. Instead of an A, I usually end up with a B, or sometimes a C.

I already have a well-documented reading problem; I read very slowly, but the learning center here was unable to assess or elucidate the recall issue that I have. I have tried flash cards, reading out loud, self-quizzing and self-testing, teaching to others, etc. For scientific material, these methods only work to a point, at which I get about half of what I learn correct. The rest either cannot be recalled or comes out wrong.

The real problem, my post-bacc GPA, especially the science GPA, has been irreversibly damaged by this.

I was due to take the MCAT next month, but I am putting it off until I can remedy this situation. I am done with post-bacc, so I have to live with a poor post-bacc GPA.

For ochem, I started making a “puzzle” out of the different starting mats, products, reagents, etc. I made arrows and whatever else I needed. Then I tossed them into a pile and pulled things out. After I’d done that, I tried to see if I could make the reaction from the mess I had pulled.

If I could not, then I wrote down what I was missing (didn’t have a big bulky base for E2 reaction, or had a 3 degree OH and the reagent would not work).

I don’t know if it will help me or not. My final is not until Weds. But frustrated at my inability to do synthesis in the exam when 10 minutes beforehand I could blather on about it (and correctly), I had to try something different.

As an aside, I’m thinking of making a game of what I did and selling it Of course, anyone here would get for free, just need to pay for materials (that is not an advertisement nor a solicit - great t/j tho - sorry Datsa!)