Advice on taking re-taking pre-reqs

So I applied last cycle and got on a waitlist but was ultimately rejected. One of the weak points in my application is my science GPA - and I was planning on re-taking 2 of my prereqs that I got Cs in at a community college this fall because that’s all I can afford. Buttt I recently got hired at an Ivy League school where they told me that I can take classes for free.

My question is - should I take the pre-reqs at the Ivy school or the community college ? I realize the Ivy looks better but I’m hesitant because I went to a state school and feel like it’s a gamble. I’m also gonna be working full-time.

Thanks and good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Usually it’s free if it’s work related.
Do you have to apply to a program or are you automatically accepted and able to take courses?

I wouldn’t be hesitant, considering you got Cs, so you’re already familiar with the content.
Community college isn’t necessarily the easy route.
Here in CA, a five unit science course includes a lab and lots of works.

Personally, if I worked at Harvard, I would take courses at Harvard over some community college. I don’t care if CC was easier; I’d just want Harvard on my resume lol