I have some premed prereqs from a degree I recently finished. Chem 1 B+, Physics 1 B+ 2 C+, All Math A’s, No Bio or Orgo.

I honestly wasn’t too focused at those times and just scraped by. I don’t have much confidence taking Chem II, since I don’t remember too much. Any recommendations on how to review or relearn Chem I in a few months? Books?( I have a lot of free time) Should I retake the physics classes?

Also, I started volunteering at a hospital and plan on shadowing a doctor soon.


I used Barron’s “E-Z Chemistry” as a prep for taking chem in my post-bac program (I hadn’t taken chem since high school, more than a decade ago) and found it quite helpful. I can happily say I’m doing quite well in chem I this semester.

But there are plenty of chem review books out there. I’d recommend going to your local bookstore and flipping through them to find which seems to suit your learning style the best.

As for physics, I’d definitely retake physics II (getting a C+ is not so good, I don’t think).

In addition to completing the rest of the pre-reqs (bio and orgo – and you need to do really well on these to make up for your lower grades), I suggest taking some upper-division courses, such as microbio, biochem, anatomy, etc. to enhance your application. Med schools like to see that you can succeed at these more difficult classes as well as the basics.

Best wishes to you!