Advice: Test-taking strategies

Hi everyone,

Do you have any suggestions on test-taking strategies? I am pretty sure I can learn/review the material adequately, but I have found that I am a fairly lousy standardized test taker. Do you have any tips or resources that you would recommend for getting better wrt timing, process of elimination, making choices when none seem great, etc.?

I really appreciate it. Thank you.


The only thing I can say is take as many of the AAMC practice tests as possible. If you are not going to take a kaplan prep course at least buy all the practice tests for AAMC. They are the only practice tests that have been even loosely correlated with actual MCAT score. Also when you take the tests take them timed.

I agree. If your main concerns are pacing of the test the best way to get over it is to take practice timed tests. It’s not like you have to do a full MCAT everyday. Lots of practice books have section tests in them. Just make sure you adhear to the time factor.