Hi People!

I’m 33, just finishing my first Posdoctoral fellowship in Pharmacology and Physiology. I have Bachelor in Exercise Physiology, Master in Pharmacology and Ph.D in Human Physiology and I was thinking to apply to medical school. My study plan is for a year, so i might apply for mcat in 2009. I really need advices regarding to requirements to getting to medical school. Do you guys think that I have any chance?

Thanks a lot!

no - no chance they only let people with totally irrelevant degrees like geology into med school. (he says with a wink and a grin)

It actually sounds like your academic background is excellent. the best way to get a sense of requirements is to look at the admissions websites for several schools you might be interested in.

If you have not done so - do a bit of volunteer work in a medically related area to get a sense of the business as well as to get feel for working with people at their best and worst.

You can look at the “MSAR” (Medical School Admissions Requirements") book put out by AAMC. It lists the course requirements of every allopathic med school in the U.S.