After a long time away I wanted to update

I have had some time here in England! With the change of loans (the Key pull out) and increasing tuition on top of family illness I have transferred to St. James School of Medicine in Bonair. Since we have been in England we found out My father in law has cancer. He has a 50% chance of remission so thats something. My wife and son will be going to New York to live with them and help take car of him while I’m in Bonair. St. James will cost almost $30,000 less a year between living costs for us and tuition. I have 16 months to go at this point in the BS MD program on the Island. It will be hard to be alone but I will be able to concentrate on Med school and I hope to do well.

While St.Chris has grown and gotten better, looking at loans and finance I just can’t afford it anymore over here.

I hope to update all of you after I start in Bonair in Jan 06.


Good luck Bill, and be sure to get a few dives in while in Bonaire… it’s one of the top diving spots in the world!

Thanks! I’ll miss the friends I’ve made here though exspecialy Kathy. (her son went home about 3 weeks now and my son is mourning!).
If you want to know the weather there I’ve heard:
today “83 and sunny” tomorrow “83 and sunny”

I know its going to be hard but you’ll do fine and it will be over before you know it! Poor Matt, it probably seems like forever to him. Yep, money is a BIG problem for offshore schools now, and they are all going to have to do something to make it feasible for students to continue enrolling in their programs.