After the Post Bacc

I’ve been accepted into a post bacc program and I am excited to start attending, but had a question first. I keep hearing from people that I need to keep my options open just in case I don’t get accepted into med school. What I was wondering is whether or not the post bacc program will prepare a person for any other career should I be unable to gain admittance into med-school? If not, what would be necessary in order to move into a health care position such as nursing after having completed the post bacc program?

Most post-baccs cover the essentials for any professional health-career program, e.g. dentistry, PA, OT, PT, etc. outside of any specific courses related to a major. So even IF you didn’t get into med school, if your goal is to work in health care, it wouldn’t be for naught.
BUT, now that you know this, you MUST think positive and aim for the med school route if that’s what you desire .

Meg is correct. I know the one I am in (informally at this point…until next year) is really for ‘pre health’ careers, although the courses make it obvious that it is tailored for medical school.
But if you do those programs, aside from some health career preparation, you’ll have taken quite a few hard-core science classes. I know by the time I’m done I’ll almost have enough credits for a 2nd Bachelor’s in biology…