Age Poll

Just wondering the age range of our members, so please add to the poll. Please note that it is for age only (radio dot) so nobody has to know!

At this juncture in the age poll, we seem to have a plethora of 30-33 year olds. Damn I feel old.

And I feel so mu better…
Again - Had I stayed in Poland, I’d have never ever even thought about coming back to school…and here I am…one of the youngest

Median age: 36.5
Mean age: 37.1
Median age of United States residents in the year 2000: 35.3
So we are definitely the fabled average American. Susie Housedress and Billy Bob Lunchbucket.

Well as of today 7-15 there’s 21 people in their 30s and 16 in their 40s. Not overly dramatic a difference. I’d be interested to know which people are still pre-meds, which are in med school, and who’s already MD.

Go 30-33!!! What a GREAT age range to be in! :wink:

Hey Everybody,
I am probably at the highest end of the age scale, wieghing in (so to speak) at the tender age of 41. I have done a bunch of graduate work and am currently not taking any classes, however I am teaching undergraduate microbiology and (as of today) studying for the MCAT.
Keep Rockin’

37- pre-med

way pre-med LPN with lots of pre-reqs to do. Hoping to be out of school by 47

I am also 41; 42 in October and starting medical school in January 2005 after 18 years as a pedi LVN!! We DO have some members in their early 50s, but I’ll let them introduce themselves!

I’m pre-med at 48, but I feel around 27. I have 2 yrs. to go before I apply. I’m doing an informal post-bac at Marquette University. I have a BSN.
I feel so fortunate that I have the chance to pursue a dream I’ve had since I was 16.

I felt much younger until OChem! LOL After that class, NO ONE told me I looked like my son’s sister anymore!

36 and still in the pre-med. like you, WAY!!! premed. I had to take a semester off for the summer for work reasons.
At this stage, I am looking at graduation at 49. Hey keep the eye on the prize.

25…hope to get B.S. in Biology by 27 and apply a year later…