Algebra review

I need to take College Algebra in the fall. It has been years and years since I have had much math (I did take an Elementary Algebra class last year, which has helped for Chemistry) I want to get a book to review over the summer before I attempt to take College Algebra.
Any sugestions on a book??

I used “The Math Workshop: Algebra” by Deborah Hughes-Hallett to study on my own the summer before I started pre-calc. I loved it and it really helped. I found it easy to follow on my own and it was a clear and concise refresher–esp for someone returning to school after some time away.
Good Luck,

Just curious but does your school offer an intro Algebra class during the summer? It is usually called Elementary Alegbra and it is a course designed to get you up to speed for the next class.

Hi Marilyn, I’m starting my postbacc program this May. It’s a program that has dedicated itself for more than 20 years to getting career changers (without science prereqs) into medical school and it’s done so successfully. They have a math review during the summer, but they recommend that we get an Algebra & Trig. textbook before to brush up our knowledge. There are a couple of titles, but the one I got was Algebra & Trigonometry, 6th Ed. by Michael Sullivan. They advise you to take a math assessment test to determine your areas of weaknesses to see what you need to review. It’s amazing how much comes back to you - it’s really about practice. If at all possible, you should try to find out what textbook you’ll be using in the math course and do the review section to determine where you need a little practice. Other than that, I’d say your fine considering you’re signed up for the class in the summer, which should teach you all you need to know. Good luck!