All About Me

Hi all~ After getting through the first 2.5 pages of introductions to all of awe-inspiring people here I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a 28 y.o. biology/chemistry double major at the Univeristy of Colorado-Colorado Springs. I always wanted to be a doctor from the time I was a little girl watching Trapper John, MD and Emergency tongue.gif but I, like most of you, have taken the long path to achieve that goal. I was also a figure skater/dancer growing up and pursued those dreams first. I “started” college the summer I graduated high school (a high academic school where a 3.3 wasn’t in the top 25% of the class of 425), took a “fun” Greek myth class at the local community college over the summer and set off to Illinois State in the fall all set to be a choir director of all things! lol. I absolutely hated it!! I pretty much bombed out that year (my folks forced me to stay the full year because “it’ll get better, you’ll see”). For the next 5 years I took classes here and there in a wide, wide, wide variety of subjects at the community college, worked, and danced. My grades in serious classes (the non-theater and dance ones) were way less than stellar, but at the end of 1997 I moved to Colorado for a fresh start in pursuing my dream of being an elite skater and pre-med student. My money ran out so school and skating went away in favor of rent and working full time in commission retail wacko.gif In the fall of 2001 I made it back to school finally and got my core subjects out of the way at the local community college. This fall I started my pursuit of my bachelors degree and added in the chemistry double major this semester after finding that I absolutely loved it! (I had a really bad experience in hs with it). Now I’m a senior by credit, but a frosh/soph by degree requirements and plugging along. My first semester at the university was a little rough – I was working 24 hours/week with an hour commute each way and taking Spanish II (spending hours looking up every other word just to write a one-page paper), calculus (I like math but I suck at it unless it’s used in science formats lol), G. Chem, and Anatomy and Physiology (which at my school they use to “weed” out nursing students so it’s a tough, tough class). As a result I got B’s in spanish and g. chem, a C in A&P, and a D in Calc. I’m redoing the calc this semester, and so far doing a decent B in A&P, but I’m no longer working thank goodness so it’s all much more manageable! Never thought being laid off from a job could be such a good thing tongue.gif Ideally I want to go into orthopedics and do research in kinesiology on the side. Anyway I’ve rambled enough for now, and really should get back to studying wink.gif so I look forward to taking this most rewarding, albeit “I just want to scream somtimes,” journey with the rest of you!
Colorado Springs

Great to have you here jessica. Youve found a great spot to help you follow your dreams, good luck. stephen

Hi Will and Jessica,
Welcome to OPM. We hope you will post from time to time and let us know how you are getting along.
For Jessica: You can follow in the footsteps of Debbi Thomas, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon and former Olympian. Put aside a few coins next year to attend the OPM Convention in Denver!! It is not too early to play for next year!
For Will: Invest a few bucks and head on up here for the OPM Convention in Washington, DC. You are going to get lots of tips and resources that will keep you going in the right direction. You will find that you have personal access to thousands of dollars of information that will make your application and journey toward medical school much easier. South Carolina is not that far from the DC area. You can make our convention over a long weekend or better yet, take the train up and enjoy a nice ride with good scenery as you make your way through the countryside.

Great to have you both on the forums!!


Welcome! Your dancing should serve you well. I know a pediatrician who was a professional dancer in her “first life” then did the post bacc route.
Enjoy the journey.

Hi all!
i actually would not even know where to start to begin my intro.
First I must say it took a lot of courage to tell my hubby that I wanted to go back to school and finish my Bachelors-with four kids in tow!! My days are so crazy I struggle to remember to eat and sleep!! tongue.gif
It seems that med school is a vulnerable dream for some non-trads.I was very hesitant to tell anyone what I had planned on doing.(I actually started out in “pre-med” studies and now in my 30’s I am attempting to start again.)I have had a long journey here but everyday I try to move myself a little closer to my dream.But I do have my hubby’s and kids happiness to consider,so far he has been very supportive.He is sooo glad that I found this sight so I don’t have to talk him to death tho!!
Anyway more on my crazy hectic life later. And glad to be here! smile.gif