All DO seats gone?

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I’m taking the January MCAT and was planning on applying to DO schools for 2012 since I was planning on doing some missions work during the summer and fall of '11. The missions plans have fallen through and I’m wondering if anyone knows whether it’s too late for applying for fall '11. I realize my MCAT scores would not be ready until six weeks after the 29th of January. I know it’s technically feasible to do so, but I was wondering if all of the early birds have gotten the worms. Thanks,


There are some DO’s schools that have spring application due dates. I would check the various schools websites. As far as if they are taken who can say, probably would have to contact each one.

My advice would be to save your money and just wait a couple of months to apply next season.

I just saw a pdf for schools that accept january MCATs on the AACOM website!! GL.

  • crazy87 Said:
I just saw a pdf for schools that accept january MCATs on the AACOM website!! GL.

The question I always ask is your goal to get into medical school, or to to get in medical school quickly?

while it is technically correct that some schools will accept MCATs that late, the practical chances are quite low. Schools are not supposed to review an application until it is complete, that is until an MCAT score is received and verified. The rolling admissions cycle means most of the seats will be gone by then. So not only are your chances low this year but applying so late and being rejected will raise a flag on your next application as well. In addition to soon-to-be doctor gabe's recommendation to save ur money, I firmly believe in making the strongest application the first time as that make for the greatest chance of admission to medical school

Also remember any school that you to go ahead and apply is not bearing any of the risk you are taking in applying this late. They will get the app. fee so it is a small gain for them. I won’t mention the DO schools name but I had a recruiter tell me to retake Ochem I and II in the summer and the MCAT in August in an attempt to get in under the deadline.

Thanks Gabe, I think that’s what I’ll do. Hell if I’m this old what difference will one more year make. BTW, congrats on your last six months. Hope all works out well for you.