All prayers and good luck wishes appreciated!

Tomorrow and Wednesday are the days. Time to take COMLEX I over again . . . and pass it this time! Anybody that feels the urge to ask their Higher Authority to help me, please do so. I know I have the knowledge in my head. I just need to bring it to the forefront when it is required.
Anyway. That’s all for now. As to the results, I won’t find out until December. So, on Thursday, it’s back to rotations. This one will be in Ob-Gyn. I’ll be working with a great doctor; she’s a great teacher and makes learning fun.

You’ll do fine. You filled in your gaps and you know how to baby your aching eyes and you’ll kick it!

I enjoy reading your posts and good luck with your exam. I’ll be sure to put you on my prayer list!!

Good luck, Linda! I know you’ll do fine, but I’ll be thinking of you anyways!

I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow!!!
I’m sure this time you’ll rule

You’ve got it Linda!! Although, I’m sure you won’t need it. You are going to COMPLETELY ROCK this thing!!!

Hey Linda,
"Git er done!"

Linda good luck and God bless!


Breathe and believe that you will do this.

It may not be fun, but it will get done.

My thoughts are with you.


Good luck Linda! You’re gonna ace it, I just know it!

So Day 1 is probably nearly over by now. Sending you good wishes and hopes for restful sleep and continued brilliance. And confidence. And happy eyes.

Hope it went well. Good luck to you!

Linda, enjoy the sweet sense of relief - and I am willing to bet that you did great this time around. Your notes about your clerkship experiences tell me that you have just the right sense of confidence that should have pulled you through COMLEX with plenty of room to spare. We’re all looking forward to hearing your good news when it comes…