I found this site whilst searching for nutters like myself ( ) who are older and thinking of or in the process of a career change to medicine.

I am going to be 36 years old and am wondering if going into this for financial reasons is worth it at all? But that really is not the only reason although it is a consideration. I want to feel pride in what I do, and right now as a financial analyst peon, I do not at all…Yes it pays the bills, but it is a job, not a career.

My concerns are that I would like to get married and have kids, but at my age going back to school will definitely push that back and as a woman I do not have time on my side when it comes to kids…Also as I have mentioned, would I work long enough after I am done to break even and then some after student loans etc?

I really wish I had started this earlier. I wish I had had some sort of mentor to get me on the right path…so many regrets but I’m kind of tired of feeling that way which is why I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and take control of my future.

If you’ve made it this far in my ramblings, what steps do I need to take. I am in the DC area so if there is someone or a group I could meet with to discuss this I would be thrilled.

Thanks for reading.

I am new to this group myself, less than a year. I am getting much much information on this site. Though, i have not attended one as yet,i think that the old premed conference might offer you a wealth of information. It will be held in Chicago, IL June 10-13th this year. I plan to be there. The agenda, speakers etc are posted.