Allow me to introduce myself

Hello all,

I am 40, two kids, two mortgages, house in Michigan and a house in Iowa. Plenty of bills just like most of us on here. I have half my undergrade to complete and will have that mostly finished up this spring. I am also a member at StudentDoc and let me say this, you guys are much more positive than those guys. Most of them are traditional students with no concept of responsibility and it amazes me that a med school would even consider them without a few years of real work experience. I would think and I’m sure it’s a little bias, but I would consider a student who has struggled through college while working full time and having a family to be more able to handle medical school. I feel that once I finish the pre-reqs and finally get accepted that medical school by all means won’t be easy but It won’t be anything I nor any of you won’t have any problems handling. I almost think it will be refreshing to only have to worry about school. I look forward to following all of you and helping all of us get into medical school.

Welcome! I am fairly new myself, but I can really appreciate what you are saying. Bills, business, work, kids, LIFE, its a lot to handle. The people here have had all these experiences and it is refreshing and a boost of confidence to know that we are all dealing with the same things in life and at the same time focussed on the same goal. Keep moving forward and keep posting on the site, because the positive feedback really makes a difference. Good luck.

Thanks for the comments. I try to stay positive. Sometime I do feel like what am I doing? 2-3 hundred thousand dollars in more debt, 50 years old before I’m practicing, maybe, how am I going to keep food on the table while in med school, and what table will I put it on? Then I say, screw it, it’s what I wanna do. It’s only money. I can’t take it with me, so I may as well owe it to someone. I just think If I don’t try I will always have that “what if” feeling. I will do everything I can to prepare myself, finish undergrad is step 1. Upon completion of step 1, if I have maintained my GPA, I move to step 2 - pre-reqs, If I maintain good GPA I take the MCAT. If I do well I apply to med school. If I get accepted, then all the doubters in my life will have a change of tone, to, “He would like to go to med-school and is wasting all this money on school” to, bragging to their friends saying, “Ohh Jeff is going to med-school how smart he must be”. In reality, and none of them think of it like this but, it’s not how smart you are it’s how hard you work and dedicate yourself to something no matter what outside force tries to deter you. That day will come or at least I tried.

Welcome!! By the way, where in Iowa are you? I am in the Iowa City area for the next 10 days if you wanted to meet to talk about this crazy med school idea

welcome and enjoy the journey!!!

I’m also in Iowa City. Leaving for vacation tomorrow back to Michigan. I will be back on the 28th. I would like to meet but I think you will be gone by the time I get back.

What part of Michigan? I’m in kzoo.

The Detroit area. I have family in KZOO, Portage to be precise.

Ha. I live in Portage, to be precise. If you’re this way at all and would like to get together, send me a PM.


Ah yes, the mortgage … bills … so much fun, aren’t they?! I just finished filling out gobs of loan applications for my post-bac program and had to repress a sob (figuratively speaking) when I thought of how much I’ll be in debt at the end of this. But as you said, you can’t take it with you!

Anyway, good luck. What are you majoring in?

Im in the Detroit area. Send me a message, we can get together and exchange war stories!

Sorry, will be heading out to RAGBRAI on the 24th, then leaving for Maryland on the 30th. Good luck!!