Alma Mater's Professional School Advising

Just a note of info that I was not aware of until I asked. My alma mater and I am sure others as well offer advising to former students. I have gotten in contact with an advisor at my Office of Professional School Advising to get some help. Heh from my other posts you can probably tell I need it blink.gif
I don’t want to knock anyone’s third-party advising service or say that the service provided would be on par, but it has been a help for me so far.

Absolutely check first to see if as an alum you qualify for pre-med advising through their health professions advising center.
Whenever I get Stanford alums calling me, for instance, I tell them right away that it is much less expensive for them to go see Ruby or Melissa (the pre-med advisors) than to meet with me. (Since I’m familiar with the pre-med advising there, and do it with my own SU undergrad advisees, I’m comfortable recommending a “known entity.”)
On the other hand, I am constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge some pre-med advisors have and the misinformation given out.
So, no matter who you talk with, caveat emptor.
(Leaving on Saturday for a 3 week “backpacking on a bike” trip. Yeah!!!)