Almost 3 years of no activity, how do medical schools see that?

So my story is as follows: I am a nontrad student, super mom of 4, and staying home with them because of Covid-19. Back in 2006 I decided to take a major in psychology because my desire was to help people with traumas like once it was helpful for me after loosing both of my parents at a young age because of alcohol and drug abuse. On my senior year I took 2 anatomy classes and 1 biology class and I fell in love with science. Also took care of my grandfather while he was in hospice and that was the moment that watered the seed. Then in 2013 I decided to go back and take another bachelor but now science-based. In 2017 I graduated from Microbiology and living in Puerto Rico at that moment, and having huge hurricane Maria passing through the island it was difficult to find a job. So I decided to move to California in 2018 and had my 4th child. Since then, I was just helping in church related community services, but not really involved in any clinical activity. How do that will look in my application??? I have several experiences as a caregiver of family members and also I will be volunteering in a Hospice. My first GPA in psychology was 3.52 and in Microbiology 3.29. I am taking the Mcat in September. Could this be enough??

They will definitely want to see more recent experience especially up until you intend on matriculating into med school. You don’t want it to come across as “checking a box”. Have you been able to do any shadowing since deciding to be a doctor? ADCOMS will wanna know why medical school vs any other medical career field. Just something to think about.

Hopefully I will be long-term volunteering in a Hospice. I was planning to shadow but because of Covid it has been almost impossible, but I keep trying to find some opportunity. So with that in mind, I may apply for next cycle because I don’t see any other option with delays in shadowing. Also I was almost always present during few family members appointments and hospital stays being their caregiver. So basically I don’t want my path to be ruined because of passive shadowing experience. Thank you for your answer.