Almost 54 years old

I will be 54 years old in a few weeks and just started my 30th year of my IT career. I’m completely self-taught in that career, never completing, or even setting a goal for, a bachelor’s degree. All of the credits I have are pretty random, ranging from political science to mass, freshmen 101 stuff and welding. I’ve wanted to be a doctor done elementary school.

I started back to school Dec 2018, completed two ‘101’ requirements, and then my life kind of went off the rails last March at the beginning of a new quarter at the community college, where I had just started a chemistry class. It started with a MSSA blood infection following the second of four surgeries from Nov 2018 to August 2019, a divorce, a terrible new manager at work and some major financial challenges.

I am finally back to school starting this week, with what should be a couple of easy electives. I haven’t done the math to figure out how long it will take me to finish a biology degree part-time, but I’m planning on increasing my class load to about 3/4 time while I continue to work, and possibly look for an accelerated program I might qualify for.

I am a cyclist and ride as much as I can, which is not as much as I want, and even though my BMI says otherwise, physically I am in pretty good health - great health for a 54 year old. I don’t see myself ever retiring and fully expect to have another 30+ years for a second career. I had a full physical done when I started this journey. Aside from my diagnosed and well-managed adult ADD, I am in good mental health. I do have concerns about the physical health of my brain, as I have suffered at least one concussion and likely more due to cycling accidents. I have a full reverse prosthetic left shoulder as well, also due to the same accidents.

I guess if I was just going to throw a number out there I hope I could be graduated from medical school by the age of 60. I don’t even want to start the discussion yet about the type of doctor I would like to be. I am a ‘fixer’, so I see myself working in some type of an emergent environment.

Thanks for reading.