Almost April--How's your semester going?

Good morning, all! I’m officially reaching out to check on all my fellow “travelers” who are in their pre-req phase… How is everyone doing? We’ve crossed the halfway point of the semester, and I can see the light at the end of this tunnel! (Which is crazy, because I’m pretty sure I just posted a ‘good luck as you start your semester’ post? How’d that happen?)

This is my first semester back in school, and things are going really well! Biology and Chemistry I–and thus far, I have the highest grades in both classes. Things are clicking, and I’m truly enjoying the classroom. But…I have to admit…things are catching up with me.

I’m juggling school, a full time career, and my most important role (mommy and wife), and I just realized this morning that there’s no time to stop, get out of the car, and stretch my legs on this journey! I looked at my husband before I put my feet on the floor this morning and said, “I just hit a brick wall, and I absolutely do not think I can go to work today.”

Of course, he shoved me out of bed and kicked my tush in gear–so here I am at the office (thank you, dear…really…:wink: But I am at this mental point of fatigue that I’m hoping you guys can relate to?

I knew there would be a phase where I had to acclimate to the endurance required for this… but I didn’t expect to feel so…tired! LOL It’s not even any one thing, really–everything is clicking along just fine. I guess I’ve just never had to juggle all these plates at once!

I am truly looking forward to the point when I can step out of my job and just focus on school–but that will be at least another year and a half. And then, it will be time to head to medical school (I think I’m tired now? HA!) So I guess this is just all a rehearsal for the big show… and learning to juggle it all now will make me better prepared in the long run. But people? I. Am. Tired.

I just wanted to wish everyone well as we round the corner on this semester… I know everyone is working so hard, and I hope that things are turning out how you want/need them to! One of the things that keeps me going is all of your stories! Knowing I have an entire community of people “out there” doing the same thing as me is really inspiring!

Just think… finals will be in just over a month for most of us, and then we can take a breather! Oh wait, no… I mean, then we can start summer classes! heheh…

Keep walking, friends! And take a breath once in awhile! And when all else fails, and you don’t think you can walk another step? Have someone kick you in the gluetus maximus! I found that to be extremely effective this morning! (Although, I’m kicking him back next time!

Glad to hear you’re doing well, keep it up!

I’ve got the highest grade in both chem II and physics I, just trying to keep up the steam! Acid Base equilibria is a little tough, but interesting. If I can get past that, it’s all downhill for the rest of the semester!

Good luck to you all! Hang tough!


Organic Chem 2 right now, uggh! Doing well in the class, but not having fun practicing synthesis problems. I enjoy Biology so much more than Chemistry!

Good luck with completing your courses everyone!

  • Org Chem 2 here. All is going well. Creating personal flash cards for each chapter has been the keystone for me. The flashcards then really helped me to breeze through final exam prep.

  • Applications in June, MCAT in August, then begins interview season and the glide year.

    Best wishes to everyone!

O-chem done! Woo hoo! Just got my grades back and I am happy. Have biochem this spring, then o-chem lab over the summer. After that, I “just” have a year of physics w/ lab and the MCAT. Getting closer, though. One step at a time…

So far so good, in terms of classes/grades, although this week is a tough one – three exams, including my favorite, physics, today. gulp I am practicing trying to feel more confident in myself regarding the physics, because I KNOW this stuff. So it’s definitely a growing edge.

I can’t wait for the summer, working in the research lab, perhaps starting to (slowly) review bio/chem/physics MCAT material. I know that’s several months in advance of when I will take the exam, but I figure, it’s never too early!

Once I get past the next 3 weeks April will be fine for me. OC 2 next monday, Physio Apr 5, then MCAT Apr 9th. Then it is down hill to finals and application prep in May.

I guess I’ll be the one member here not doing well in organic 2. Feck. Micro and Biochem have been large time drains as well, but I’m doing well in both of those. Major tests in all three this week…micro today, organic tomorrow, biochem on Friday.

I’m still weighing re-taking organic over the summer, or just say screw it and go with what I have. Between the finances of taking it, and really, it only makes sense to retake if I can get an A, because otherwise it won’t make a difference numerically on my GPA. Even then, we’re talking about 0.1 or something. Seems like using the summer to concentrate on the MCAT would be better.

SO glad to hear from you all…I can’t help but feel envious, because you’re all ahead of me! LOL I’m only in my first semester, so I won’t even see O-Chem and Physics until the fall…2nd round in the spring…then MCAT in the spring 2012 and applications starting in June. A whole year! (Just kind of hoping it goes by as quickly as this semester has!)

I learned a life lesson last night. I will never again complain about being tired! Because when you think you are? You can always be MORE tired… 2:30 am this morning, I’m packing up my chemistry books (I have an exam tonight, so I was studying). I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore… I walk to the landing of the stairs, and I hear a scratchy little 3 year old voice whisper, “Mommy…I hurt!” Stop. Turn around. There is my beautiful daughter…flaming red cheeks and a fever… whoa, boy.

Three hours later, I went to bed. Then back to the office this morning. Moral of the story? I only thought I was tired yesterday.

Oh yeaaaah

I hear you. Same boat here. I am taking the MCAT in a few days, my wife just had appendicitis (so I must take care of my two kids and her) and I have a Calc Based Phys 2 exam tomorrow evening. I didn’t go to work this morning thinking I would be able to work either on MCAT or on Phys. So I wake up, take a shower, have breakfast and dress up.

I look at the the clock, it is 8:15 am. THe library won’t open before 9:30, so I can sit and watch some TV drinking a coffee. Bad idea. I fell asleep!

Sometimes, too much is too much. That’s the way things are…

Best of luck for what is coming.

We’re not all ahead of you…I’m only taking one course per semester while keep working full time. We’ll actually end up taking the MCAT around the same time. Keep up the good work!

And yes, kids can certainly teach us many important lessons. I remember one night when every single kid went through about 2 hours of puking each…thankfully they were staggered (one kid would stop, then half an hour later the next one would start, and so on through four kids), but I didn’t hit my bed until about 6:30am. Thankfully my husband stayed home for a half day so I could sleep four a few hours.